Above the Competition

6 Reasons Why NASS Receives Praise from Law Enforcement

1. We always set up security equipment correctly
2. We always use quality security equipment
3. We Rigorously Train Our Technicians
4. The Training We Provide Is Comprehensive Yet Easy to Understand
5. NASS Never Misses A Service Call
6. NASS Provides the Most Reliable Preventative Maintenance in the Industry

We always set up security equipment correctly
The biggest challenge is with video equipment. This is due to the high level of knowledge required to ensure cameras and DVRs produce what law enforcement needs.

NASS always installs the most effective cameras and lenses for each location within the facility to ensure sharp, clear pictures. We also ensure that all advanced DVR features have been tested and work properly.

We always use quality security equipment
NASS always installs quality equipment. We have carefully tested all of the video cameras and other security equipment and determined what works best. For example, we have determined that certain cameras work best inside ATM’s due to there size, placement and backlight compensation circuits. We also offer DVR’s to our clients that solve specific issues. As an example, if you are securing a bank, you will have longer archiving needs and may require that data be interfaced. Or, perhaps you are securing a campus and public safety is your primary concern. We always match the right product for the application.

We Rigorously Train Our Technicians
All of our technicians go through an exhaustive 20-week training program that includes intensive study plus a supervised on-the-job orientation under the guidance of a lead technician. Only once they have clearly demonstrated they have mastered each aspect of the services we provide are they granted status to make service and maintenance calls on their own. Because the training is so uncompromising and our standards are significantly higher than other security companies, especially in terms of video, less than 15 percent of candidates for technician positions qualify for our training program.

The Training We Provide Is Comprehensive Yet Easy to Understand
Lead technicians provide training to our clients. Their expertise and experience enables them to simplify training for our clients’ employees. Our clients will attest to the effectiveness of our training and the ability of their personnel to use their equipment.

NASS Never Misses A Service Call
From the beginning, New Age Security Systems’ operations have been built on providing the best technology and customer service. This is because Darin Flannes, CEO, came from a technical and customer service background.

Customer service calls are considered top priority. When a call comes in, it is immediately entered into the database. The technician, who services that branch, is then contacted and an approximate time is established for the service visit. In most cases, the call takes place the same or next day. The progress of all service calls is carefully monitored.

NASS has established what we call “The War Room.” This features a large screen located in our common area, which is updated several times a day. The board displays all of our jobs, what has been accomplished, what actions are currently taking place and projections for project completions. All service calls are also listed on the board. This allows managers to know the status of each throughout the day. Thus, all of our jobs, including service calls, have a dual tracking system. No service call is ever overlooked, as a result. This is a reason why our clients are so pleased with our attentiveness.

The key ingredient to successful service calls is the ability of the technician to troubleshoot. Our capacity to solve security video issues, which is the most difficult to master, is unsurpassed because security video is our core competency and our training program is so thorough.

NASS technicians are required to review the inventory of the respective location requesting service prior to making the call. This enables our techs to carry the appropriate replacement parts with them, so virtually all repairs can be completed on the initial call. What’s more, in most cases, the technician who makes the call has been servicing that location and thoroughly knows its entire system. The result is that our clients are pleased with our ability to make repairs with minimal inconvenience to their personnel. Security managers frequently tell us we are much faster and more thorough than any competitor they have ever dealt with.

NASS Provides the Most Reliable Preventative Maintenance in the Industry
Our clients always receive preventative maintenance within their respective agreed upon time frame. Our comprehensive preventative maintenance form forces our technicians to be so meticulous that nothing can ever be missed. We check off exactly what we have inspected, cleaned and adjusted. Our technician then signs the form, thus making him and us accountable. When we are through, we guarantee that your system is working perfectly.

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