Our Philosophy


Established in 1987, NASS has always kept its focus on providing cutting edge video surveillance systems to financial, educational and industrial institutions. Due to the increasing complexity of today’s CCTV equipment, having a video specialist install and service your company’s system strengthens its effectiveness. We are factory authorized by Panasonic, Verint and other major CCTV brands. NASS, a low voltage licensed contractor, is based in Southern California and services all of California and surrounding states.

Why Our Expertise Is Unmatched
Our experience with video equipment and computers enable us to offer unmatched expertise to our clients. Many times prospective clients are unhappy with the images their current CCTV system is producing. In most instances, the video equipment is not to blame improper setup and positioning of cameras and/or poor programming of the DVR’s are more likely suspects. Security service companies typically send out technicians who are expected to perform a variety of services, such as alarms, safes and access control. This usually means that the technicians dispatched are not properly trained in all aspects of video cameras, lenses and DVR's.

Our philosophy is: The difference is service. We show potential clients how they can get much better pictures from their surveillance systems by using appropriate equipment and making proper adjustments. We repeatedly demonstrate to clients that with proper setup and configuration, excellent video images are not only possible but guaranteed.

In addition, we strive to be large enough to service multi-branch institutions and large corporations. At the same time, we wish to remain small enough so that we never compromise the highest level of personalized service. Our CEO and operations manager, for example, are always available to our clients. At the same time, we maintain a level of sophistication and expertise that rivals the largest national security companies. Thus, we believe no physical security company, large or small, matches the combination of expertise and attentiveness that we provide.

Security Services Beyond Video Surveillance
Over the years, we received several requests from clients to provide services beyond video surveillance. Many of the newly emerging credit unions desired for us to extend our services in view of the fact that being small, it was impractical for them to work with multiple vendors for physical security. Several clients also indicated that our diligence and problem solving abilities shined considerably above that of the other security vendors they were utilizing. Regardless of which case it was, NASS recently decided to fulfill their wishes and add additional security services to our offerings. In addition to video surveillance, today we provide installation, service and repair of controlled access, alarms systems, alarm monitoring, network integration and intercoms. We now employ certified technicians for each of these services.

What is unique about NASS is that our foundation was built on video surveillance rather than alarms, which is the case for most physical security companies. This is significant because video surveillance requires considerably more expertise. Unlike alarms and controlled access, for example, video surveillance is both a science and an art. Positioning cameras correctly, focusing them properly and adjusting the lighting takes additional skill and know-how that is lacking with many companies whose core competency rests with other services. It is considerably easier for a video company to master alarm systems than it is for an alarm company to become proficient in video. This sets us apart from nearly all other physical security companies.

Financial Institution Success
NASS has earned the trust and confidence of well-known financial institutions and has built a solid reputation within the banking industry. Our experience with bank security directors and law enforcement has given us insight into the special needs of the banking community. We understand that service is what sets us apart from our competition and our mission is to provide the best. At NASS, we continually focus on the rapidly evolving physical security industry and to the ever-changing needs of our banking clients.

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