The Right Security

Choosing the Right Security System

1. Video/Security Must Work When needed
2. Proper Setup Is Vital to Law Enforcement
3. Most DVRs Are Not Programmed Properly
4. Using Quality Equipment Is a Must
5. Thoroughly Trained Technicians
6. Industry Specific Experience
7. Demand Thorough Training
8. Service Call Expectations
9. Preventative Maintenance

Video/Security Must Work When needed
New Age Security Systems has completed hundreds of site surveys of customer and prospect branches throughout the Western United States. As a result of inspections of their security and video systems, we found nearly half were incapable of producing the level of evidence required by law enforcement officials. In many cases, security managers had no idea how extensive their problems were because their vendors were not keeping them properly informed. This is why we are providing you with information to assist you on this Web site. In addition, we also recommend you order our free report, “How to Ensure Your Video Systems Always Perform at the Level Legal Authorities Require”. This will provide greater detail. You can order it by e-mailing us at:

Proper Setup Is Vital to Law Enforcement
Knowing exactly what proper installation of cameras means will enable you to demand more from your security video company. If you allow your vendor to get away with positioning and lensing your cameras incorrectly, your shots will be useless to law enforcement. Security companies should survey each of your branches to take measurements and light readings prior to submitting their offers. If the proposal you choose fails to identify the right camera for each specific location, you will waste your security investment.

NASS installs the best cameras and lenses for each location within each branch to ensure sharp, clear pictures. Our checklist, which is provided in writing and signed by our lead technician, attests that cameras have been set up correctly to meet the expectations of law enforcement.

Most DVRs Are Not Programmed Properly
Digital video recorders will work out of the box. Many financial institutions, however, do not take advantage of the features that will enable them to really perform. For example, rarely do we find motion detection systems that have been set up properly. If you have a camera pointed at a desk, why should your system keep prolonged storage while it is vacant? You will unnecessarily eat up hard drive space and waste valuable time reviewing meaningless video.

NASS always ensures that each advanced DVR feature has been tested and is working properly.

Using Quality Equipment Is a Must
Your integrator needs to pay careful attention to the quality of the equipment they install. They should preview all of the major brands’ equipment, track their efficiency and know their degree of reliability. Because most security companies do not focus the majority of their efforts in this area, they rarely do the necessary research to analyze the various cameras. As a result, security video systems frequently under-perform.

NASS carefully tests and rates the products they install including, video cameras and DVRs. We ensure that equipment is suitable for specific applications, such as financial institutions. We are authorized distributors of Panasonic, GE Mitsubishi, Verint and other major brands we deem full-featured and reliable.

Thoroughly Trained Technicians
Due to the complexity of today’s electronic security equipment, it is almost impossible for technicians to be expert in every aspect of physical security. Thus, when a vendor handles a financial institution’s entire security program, expect their video system to have flaws. Their technicians do not have enough security video training and experience to prevent them.

Our technicians go through a rigorous training program. Only once they have clearly demonstrated mastery of every aspect of cameras, lenses and DVRs are they granted status to make service calls on their own.

Industry Specific Experience
Setting up your security video system to meet the needs of law enforcement is crucial. For example, if you are a financial institution, your security video company needs to be familiar with how law enforcement uses video evidence, as well as understanding appropriate federal regulations, such as Regulation E and the Bank Security Act. This helps ensure your video system will be set up properly to meet the specific needs and requirements of financial institutions. It is easier to keep abreast of your needs and that of law enforcement if your industry is a primary focus of the security integrator.

Because financial institutions are a prime focus, we know exactly what law enforcement needs. NASS thoroughly understands FDIC regulations. Thus, we are expert in the positioning of cameras and storage of video.

Demand Thorough Training
Insist that your security video vendor provides thorough but easy-to-understand training. As a result, your branch staff who are responsible for managing your security and video systems should have no trouble using them. Prior to purchasing new equipment, we recommend you review the training program of the vendors you are considering. Make this one of your factors in determining your selection of vendors.

Our lead technicians conduct our branch-staff training. Their knowledge is so extensive that they are able to simplify their presentations, thus making training easy. Our clients will attest to the ability of their personnel to use their equipment.

Service Call Expectations
In most cases, your security vendor should be at your branch the same day the service request is made. The dispatcher should know how to prioritize calls and determine an emergency versus a routine request. If you demand anything less, you are compromising yourself and your company.

Service calls top our list of priorities. When a call comes in, our office staff contacts the technician who services that branch and establishes an approximate time for arrival. In most cases, the call takes place the same day. The progress of service calls is carefully monitored via a display in our common area called “The War Room.” The display lists all of our service calls and shows their progress. Our managers view the display several times a day. Consequently, we never overlook a service call.

Because our technicians have specialties and receive in-depth training, they have no trouble locating the source of any problem and repairing it. We complete the majority of service calls on the initial visit.

Preventative Maintenance
You should indeed have a maintenance agreement with a security/video company. But only do so if the vendor will guarantee specific time frames for visits and commit to thorough inspections. Upon completion of each call, they should provide you with the means to confirm that all of your equipment has been cleaned, adjusted if needed, and is functioning properly. Thus, you will know maintenance visits are being thoroughly performed.

Our clients always receive preventative maintenance within their respective agreed- upon time frames. The “Preventative Maintenance Form” we developed makes our technicians perform so meticulously they never miss even minute details. We check off exactly what we have inspected, cleaned and adjusted. Then our lead technician signs the form and presents it to the appropriate branch manager upon conclusion of maintenance.

How to Switch to New Age Security Systems
Call or e-mail our office to obtain a complete list of our clients. Contact as many as you wish.

Schedule a FREE on-site evaluation of any of your branch’s systems. We’ll analyze the positioning of your equipment, whether cameras are focused properly, if cameras are using the appropriate lenses and more.

Hire us on a limited bases to provide either a) service calls, b) preventative maintenance, or c) design and installation of a video system for one of your branches.

Decide whether to use us more extensively based on your experience in working with us on a limited basis.

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