Our Services

Video Surveillance Services

  • Security video system design
  • Security video system installation (including cameras and DVRs)
  • Security video system inspection and analysis
  • Access and intrusion integration
  • Security video system service & repair (including cameras and DVRs)
  • Security video system maintenance (including cameras and DVRs)
  • ATM specific video systems
  • P.O.S. transaction recording
  • 24-hour video verification
  • Long-term video storage
  • Wireless transmission
  • High-end matrix systems
  • Video intercom systems
  • Security consoles and systems enclosures
  • Network video systems

Other Security Services

  • Alarm systems design and installation
  • Alarm systems service and repair
  • Controlled access installation, service and repair
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Network integration
  • Intercoms


  • Security video cameras and components
  • NVRs, DVRs, VCRs, Recorders, and Tapes
  • ATM transaction identifiers
  • Monitors and displays
  • Motion sensors
  • Mounts and enclosures

Security Consultation Service

Physical Security – Foreseeable risk situations can be costly to any financial institution. Assistance can be provided in developing your personalized security plan. A physical security survey can be conducted to validate your current security plan or identify any foreseeable risk situations. Recommending the appropriate security product(s) can save thousands of dollars in unnecessary equipment purchases.

Staff Training – Training is the first line of defense against financial crimes. Training can be conducted in robbery awareness, fraud recognition, violence in the workplace, personal safety and other security issues.

Emergency Preparedness – Being ready for any emergency should be paramount in the minds of any financial institution. It could be as simple as and Emergency Evacuation Plan or as complex a preparing for a major event that could impact a large geographic area.

Pre Litigation Investigation – Violent crimes or accidents on your property will probably generate a lawsuit. Expert testimony in the event of a lawsuit aimed at your institution can be invaluable in your defense. The helps avoid the dangers of increased liabilities by having untrained staff testify. Investigation of the merits of your defense and verification that your practices are in accord with the Bank Protection Act can also be provided.

New Age Security Systems is a licensed dealer for Panasonic, GE, Mitsubishi, Verint and other leading brands.

New Age Security Systems is an authorized service provider and low voltage contractor (License number 795391).

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