NASS Success Stories

Our Client Testimonies

New Age Security Systems has done all of our branches. We’ve been extremely pleased with their service and ability to make things work. Darin, their CEO, is completely reliable. Whenever there is a problem it gets taken care of quickly.

Susan Oltman
Security Officer
Wescom Credit Union

When I was with Sanwa Bank, we had a lot of equipment from one of the largest security companies. Unfortunately for us, their service people didn’t always know what they were doing. Some understood other aspects of our security system but not video. Occasionally someone would pull a camera off the wall and send it back to the shop and we wouldn’t see it again for a week. We had some robberies when cameras were out for repair. On the other hand, New Age Security System’s people always knew what they were doing. Whenever there was a problem at a branch, they virtually always had someone out there the same day, which was faster than with the larger companies. They always understood what they had to do and usually completed the job then and there.

New Age Security Systems was great to work with. It was obvious that Darin Flannes, their CEO, was committed to their customers. NASS’s quality of service was always superb. They treated their clients with respect regardless of the number of branches a client had.

Tom Pratt
Security Specialist
Washington Mutual
(formerly in charge of all security for Sanwa Bank)

We began using New Age Security Systems about two years ago. We switched vendors because we were not receiving the results we wanted from the large security company we were using. Our image quality was so poor that one of the police departments told us if we were ever robbed again, not to bother providing video because it would prove useless.

From the outset, we’ve been pleased with New Age Security System’s services. Initially, they helped us with our install base to ensure we have cameras everywhere we need them. The quality of their equipment has been exceptional and their pricing phenomenal, especially in comparison to what we had been previously receiving. Our teller shots are always one on one, at thirty-degree angles and give us 3/4 profiles, exactly what we want. We are now able to provide law enforcement with consistent great shots that clearly identify what suspects look like. In particular, is the excellent quality we’ve been receiving from our ATM videos.

New Age Security Systems responds quickly to service calls and takes care of the problems. Their service personnel are knowledgeable. Most of their calls are one-shot deals.

Darin has even gone out of his way to provide a solution for a non-video problem. We had asked him if he knew anyone who could devise a remote locking system for our front doors. We wanted to be able to stop people from coming in. There wasn’t really an industry solution for this. Darin said he could do it. Indeed, he worked it out, got out the kinks and made it happen.

Mark Kelly
Information Security Officer
Delta National Bank

We began using New Age Security Systems more than 15 years ago. Our bank went with them because our existing vendor was not furnishing dependable service. We immediately found that New Age Security Systems provided us with better equipment, more reliable service and lower pricing.

New Age Security Systems is great at keeping us abreast of technology improvements. They always recommend state-of-the-art equipment and their installations are performed in a professional manner every time. Years ago Darin advised us to go one on one. We listened to him and found the quality of the information we now secure is much better. The results we get are invariably reliable and consistently enable us to support law enforcement.

Their service… the quality couldn’t get much higher. They’re timely, usually arriving the same day. Often they solve problems immediately by phone. Darin sends technicians out with all of the resources and knowledge they need. Thus, our problems get fixed.
We have a great working relationship. Darin is always honest about equipment. He’ll advise me to wait for better cameras that are not yet available even if it hurts his bottom line.

We have a maintenance agreement with New Age Security Systems and don’t know how any financial institution can function without one. They always perform thorough preventative maintenance as promised in our contract. This includes making sure cameras are angled correctly and that they’re clean, focused and functioning properly.

Patrick Miller
Vice President of Administrative Services
Patrick Miller
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