Who We Serve

Retail Banking, Campuses & Retail Malls
NASS serves specific vertical markets including Retail Banking, Campuses (educational & corporate), and high-profile Retail Malls. 

Retail Banking

Securing The Financial Industry Since 1987

NASS has been keeping the financial industry secure since 1987. In the early days when video cassette recorders were used, NASS was deploying high resolution SVHS recorders; controlled by smart switchers to maximize framerate and picture quality. When the world went digital, we cautiously walked our clients into DVR, NVR and IP camera technology. 

While other companies were focused on sales of systems, we were helping our clients make a seamless transition. As technology advanced, we showed how to best integrate video, alarm, access control and how to improve fraud investigations using analytics to help fight criminal activity in retail banking.


Knowing The Importance Of Securing Campuses To Protect Both People And Assets

Since 1990, NASS has worked closely with campus security and police to help protect both people and their assets. Whether it’s an educational campus, corporate campus or data center, NASS offers turn-key solutions by blending these technologies to assure everyone’s safety.

Educational & Corporate Campuses – Safety at any campus is of the highest priority! Our Field Consultants often walk campuses to find vulnerable areas, such as poorly lit stairwells or isolated parking structures and offer the most advanced physical security solutions on the market to secure them.

NASS has deployed sophisticated systems including pan/tilt/zoom cameras and ultra-high-resolution video equipment to cover massive areas at campuses. NASS added a division to offer and install emergency blue light call stations and two-way communication devices in both high traffic and isolated areas on campuses for extra security measures. 

By installing these systems, NASS has helped reduce criminal incidents throughout the years.

Data Centers – In addition to concerns shared with educational and corporate campuses, data centers often require special security solutions to limit access to sensitive areas. NASS has partnered with the nation’s leading access control and biometric manufacturers to offer the latest in these technologies.

Retail Malls

Providing Security Solutions To Help Maintain The Design And Aesthetics Of The Property

Landmark malls have relied on NASS for their security needs for decades. Aesthetics and traffic patterns are extremely important to retail management and as a result, video surveillance, alarm installations and cabling can present challenges to blend in with the structures design. 

Our Project Managers are very familiar with the challenges posed by the design and construction of these facilities. NASS partners with management to provide various solutions such as radio mesh networking, wireless technology, custom and covert hardware to help solve these design issues.